Evelyn Sepp:muidugi ma toetan Iraani inimõiguslasi

Pole kahtlustki, et ENPA liikmete poolt algatatud survedeklaratsioon Iraani inimõiguslaste ja opositsiooni toeks väärib tuge ja avalikkuse tähelepanu. Seda enam, et see on signaal ka välispoliitilisele ametkonnale nii Euroopas kui Ameerikas, et diplomaatiline uks Iraani suhetes olgu küll praokil, kuid oga on samuti terav, millega muutusteks survet avaldada.

Omalt poolt oskan soovitada ka paari konspektiivset ja üsna huvitavat käsitlust hiljuti loetud perioodikast Turkish Policy Quarterly Vol 8 No 4.

Doc. 12148
27 January 2010


Written Declaration No 436

Millions of Iranians are demanding freedom and democracy. Suppressive forces have killed, injured or arrested thousands and are prosecuting some as “Mohareb” (waging war on God). Officials reiterate that since the organised and legitimate opposition People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran still exists, any support for or relations with it is an act of “Moharebeh” and punishable by execution under Islamic penal law. In order to stop the uprising, the regime wants Iraqi forces to eliminate its 3 400 opponents in Camp Ashraf. The attack last July left 11 killed and 500 injured. None the less, the uprising continues with chants of “Down with Khamenei” and “Down with the principle of absolute clerical rule” the goal being to change the entire regime.

We support opposition leader Mrs Maryam Rajavi’s “third option” for democratic change by the people and resistance and urge the United Nations Security Council, the Council of Europe and the European Union to take urgent action for the release of political prisoners and prevent the suppression of the uprising. Continued relations with Iran must be based on complete improvement of human rights. The United Nations must protect Ashraf residents, and US forces must guarantee they would not face violence or forcible displacement in Iraq.

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